The second round of Element’s “Genesis Constellation Badge”

Serving as a decentralized NFT marketplace, the Element beta version is now live.To encourage all members of the Element community and NFT fans to participate in creating and trading in the Elements marketplace, today we are launching the second round of our “Genesis Constellation Badge” campaign. Meanwhile, the first phase of the campaign will close at 18:00 (UTC+8) on 4 August, so please take note of the deadline if you have not yet submitted your task form.

There are two tasks to complete for limited edition NFTs.

Task 1: NFT for all

Requirement: 1.Log in through your wallet at Element Marketplace (
2.Complete minting your NFTs or trading(not less than 0.01 ETH) at Element.

Reward: 1 badge for each wallet for minting for the first time. If you sell or buy an NFT an additional badge will be rewarded.

Task submission: based on backend data.

Task 2: NFT Creator Spotter

Requirements: Invite well-known NFT creators to Element.

Criteria for well-known NFT creators: NFT creators ranked in the top 50 in Dappradar.


Invitation 1: Invitation to mint their first NFTs on Element.

Invitation 2: A buyer who has placed a bid on their unpriced NFTs on Element to facilitate the deal.

Reward: 5 badges for invitation1; 3 badges for invitation 2.

Task submission: Upload screenshot (including the communication and the invitation) and creator’s NFTs link on Element, which will be verified by the Element.

Task submission link:

About Genesis Constellation Badges

“Element Atlas” is a Genesis constellation badge released by Element.

“NFT for all” is the idea behind the Element marketplace, where human nature and digital creation collide and everyone can be the creator of NFT. The mosaic style of the digital world collides with the 12 signs of the zodiac, which represent the nature of human beings, and this gives birth to the “Element Atlas”.

Mosaic is the most primitive art form and the most popular visual expression in the digital world, and countless simple but creative NFT pieces are created in the form of mosaics.

The 12 signs of the zodiac are the oldest form of astrology, and the stars in the sky represent different mythologies and reflect the different personalities of human beings. So the richness of NFT pieces is due to creator’s their own diverse personalities.

The colour elements of the Genesis constellation badges are generated programmatically and minted on the Ethereum in the form of NFTs, which can be traded freely and have room for price appreciation and collection value. The total number of Genesis badges are 12,000, a total of 12 guardians of the zodiac and 1,000 for each one.

Badge’s value

(1) the genesis constellation badges are NFT based on the Ethereum network and can be traded directly.

(2) the genesis constellation badge will be used to encourage the launch, mint and trade and to reward the Element promotion.

(3) the genesis Constellation badge can be exchanged for the Element’s exclusive collaborative NFT series.

(4) the genesis constellation badge can be used in the future as a ticket at major events organized by Element or Mars Finance.

(5) Owners of the badge will receive a percentage of airdrop when Element issues Tokens in the future.

(6) the Genesis Constellation badge can be used to Element DAO governance in the future.




Decentralized NFT marketplace

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Decentralized NFT marketplace

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