Element strengthens creator copyright protection through AI algorithms and manual review

Element, the decentralised multi-chain NFT trading marketplace, has adopted AI algorithms and manual review based on the “Rational Use” to address NFT copyright infringement. “Rational Use” is a copyrighted piece (such as a book, film or character) in a transformative way and for purposes such as criticism, critique, education and parody. Simply put, adding a photo filter or text to an image may violate the “Rational Use”, and NFT assets with a high level of repetition will be detected by Element AI algorithms, ultimately all those pieces will be removed at any time.

For user-created NFTs, Element will continue to increase its manual review efforts. At the same time, all users are welcome to report on infringing NFT pieces, and Element will be the first to respond to protect the interests of creators to the greatest extent possible. As a decentralized NFT multi-chain trading platform, Element provides NFT creation, discovery and trading services for users. It is currently aggregating all NFT assets based on Ethereum, Polygon and BSC public chains, and has 120,000+ community users worldwide, making it the third-largest NFT marketplace for Ethereum public chains.

Element is a decentralized NFT marketplace based on Ethereum, Polygon, and BSC, that helps you create, discover, and exchange. Element provides a value trading platform for both NFT creators and investors.