Element exclusive partnership with Meta2Meta to launch MaskHuman NFT blind box this week

Element has officially signed a long-term partnership with Meta2Meta, a platform for professional NFT creators with an international focus, to exclusively list the studio’s NFT collections for the next three years.

MaskHuman, made by Meta2Meta, was created anonymously by three experienced gaming artists with a total of 10,000 NFTs, 7 attributes, 3,000*3,000 pixels, and 256 algorithmically generated styles. The first 1,000 MaskHuman will be sold via blind box mechanism, where purchasers will randomly obtain unique artwork styles. The blind box protocol is fully supported by Element’s technical team.

Element provides NFTs research, transaction and visual wallet services, supports zero mint, four mainstream decentralized storage methods, the largest NFT file size, the British auction Gas fee subsidize, and the lowest transaction fee.

Element Team

Aug. 17