Cart Function is now ALIVE!


WHAT is cart function?


Cart function is helping users buy multiple on-chain NFTs together at one time. ANY NFT traders could use the cart perfectly by these steps:

Firstly, select and add NFTs under your favorites to your own cart, which is 100% like your online shopping on Amazon, or even offline shopping on Walmart;

Then, after double-checking your NFT selection, you can delete your NFT items before you decide to pay;

And the last step, check whether your all NFT items are still valid (tips: NFT added in your cart is not exclusive order, you have to double check purchase availability) before you pay.

Cart Function

What kind of benefits you will gain from the Element cart?

  1. Save your money

You can buy tens of NFTs with only one-time gas. YOU can imagine how much gas fee you have saved if you use this cart the whole year.

2. Quick order

When a new hot NFT collection is on, everyone wants to SWEEP the Floor Prices at once, you can sweep as much quicker as others, with only one step.

3. Make a choice

Add your favorite NFTs at any time and keep watching them, OR delete the ones you lost interest. Anyway, give yourself double choices.

The CART function is for Real NFT Traders. Keep using it and you will find how huge benefits you have made.

Element is a decentralized NFT marketplace based on Ethereum, Polygon, and BSC, that helps you create, discover, and exchange. Element provides a value trading platform for both NFT creators and investors.

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Decentralized NFT marketplace

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Decentralized NFT marketplace

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